Chime Host virtual private servers are able to perform as well as dedicated servers. Chime Host virtual private servers have swap space that can be used when the ram gets fully utilized and this gives the user a peace of mind. The virtual servers provided by Chime Host have root access capability that enables the user to be able to access a variety of softwares and also gives the provision of hosting a wide range of websites. This is very ideal for a webmaster. The root access enables to remote controls of the cPanel. Parent nodes in the VPS have Ksplice uptrack with the capability of enabling the server to stay online without the need of rebooting.

Virtual private servers operated by Chime Host have dual Intel nahalem quad xeon CPU nodes that have enterprise level supemicro hardware which come with swappable bays. The solusvirual management control panel is a graphic user interface management tool that is used by Chime Host virtual private servers to perform a variety of functions, which include reboot, shutdown, reinstalling of operating systems, root password modification IP addresses login. The semi managed service included in the virtual private server enables the provider to install softwares, modules and scripts. Clients using the Chime Host virtual private server have a support team which is also able to handle simple configuration issues related to the server like network issues or any hardware issue.

In terms of storage, Chime Host uses western digital hard drives, which have RAID 10 disk storage with BBU. This is preferred for input output applications like webservers, database and email. One has a broad range of Linux virtual private server operating systems to use, which are CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware and FreeBSD. The Xen VPS add-ons have applications such as apache and MySQL, which are given default values and the values are not optimized and can use unallocated RAM. A Xen add-on available on the Chime Host virtual private server is webadmin which is free and this enables system admins to create user accounts, enable file sharing and configure apache and DNS for the server.

Kloxo is another Xen VPS add-on that is a webhosting platform which offers integrated billing with popular billing softwares. Kloxo can run apache and bind. Through the Chime Host cPanel one can use the rvskin which costs 2.50 dollars. This is multilingual advanced skin management software for cPanel. Security patches are available to protect the clients in the virtual environment, and this is done through the help of competent personnel at the rate of $6.95. Softacolous is available on the Chime Host virtual private server and this autoscript installer can support 209 scripts, which are Joomla and WordPress. Soflaculous usage costs $1.50 a monthly.

Chime Host has a variety of Xen VPS packages, which include Xen VPS 0.5, which has 256mb of ram, 512mb swap capability, two 2.4 GHz cpus’, 4gb diskspace, 600gb bandwidth, 100 megabit domain hosting, 100 MB for cPanel or plesk, 100 MB for dedicated 100 MB usage and one IP address, which cost $9.95. Xen VPS 1 has 512 MB of RAM, 1GB swap, eight 2.4 GHz cpus’, 35GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, 100 MB for cPanel or plesk, 100 MB for a dedicated 100 MB, one IP address and the costs is 9.95 dollars.


Chime Host VPS Hosting


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