CoolHandle began as a crew of IT professionals in the early 2001 to initiate a modern standard in the fast changing webhosting environment. The company mission is to attain your 100% contentment, which is assured by their skilled service and affable support. With more than 10 years of webhosting expertise on several hosting podiums and operating systems, notably Linux and Apache, Coolhandle delivers plenty of knowledge and the ability to grasp any hosting requirements. This expertise also comes with the support and comprehension the company customers have come to depend on. They make sure that customer’s queries are answered on time and effectively and from their amiable and humble customer support crew. Coolhandle continues to grow to be up to date since webhosting is varying and developing daily.

CoolHandle provides characteristic rich, on demand dependable and safe webhosting services. This is the main reason why most customers remain loyal to the company. The company offer services at affordable price possible by using their in-house architecture paired with meticulously selected software. They try to maintain their operating costs as affordable as they can give quality webhosting services at very low prices.

CoolHandle use modern high-end Intel-based servers for heighten stability and up-time. Server updated is a must and the company observes their servers 24-hour a day and 365 days a year. The company’s technicians answer to difficulties cautiously to maintain the running of your site with the slightest interruption. The other major aim in this web hosting industry is safety; you can have faith in the company that your data is safe with them. The company’s numerous backups and trained security personnel are the surety that neither ill-natured code, nor damaging invader makes any harm to your fragile data.

CoolHandle VPS hosting is the best way to advance from shred hosting formerly moving up to a dedicated server. VPS hosting layout can be fully personalized to meet your exact hosting requirements and improved anytime as your site grows. It is a huge way to commence small but still have the capability to measure up very fast. With complete root access, you are capable of installing modern software and fully personalize everything as if your VPS were a dedicated server without the expense of one. Here, cPanel is present, for simple management. When you select an administered Virtual Private Server the server and ay system management will be helped by the company’s skilled support crew. They will plan your server, anymore devices and services. You will be linked to their enterprise-level grid and receive complete support services.

A Virtual Private Server is an individual server divided into numerous parts that each works an independent server. It grants you liberty to set your server anyway you wish, and its price is lower than buying your own server. The company VPS is a hosting solution that gives realistic business advantages like extreme salability, improved performance and lower costs. This exceptionally planned and expertly supported VPS podium is the best solution for customers who require great control without a high price.


CoolHandle VPS Hosting


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