If you do not want to lose the dedication or the power that you are currently getting from your dedicated server, but still would like to reduce the cost that you are currently facing, you can use an easy solution. You can simply use the Virtuozzo powered virtual severs that are fast and reliable. These virtual servers from the EuroVPS Company are cost effective since they make the most of the servers of Hexa Core HP Proliant with the help of 15k SAS drives.

You may find the website or the blog that you have is becoming larger than the capacity that the shared hosting can take. It could be time to look for a better option like the virtual servers. The company EuroVPS will provide you with a server that is in an isolated state, and that will not be affected by other servers, and the problems that they may have. The servers that you will get will be operating just like an independent server.

For the windows virtual server plan that the company has on offer, you will be getting up to 80 GB HDD. This plan has 8TB bandwidth, and you will get unlimited domains not to mention the platform that the server will be running on will be Virtuozzo 4.5. All this is at the price of € 39.95 per month. The other plan that you can choose to use is the Linux VPS hosting that offers you up to 80 GB HDD with 8TB bandwidth. There is up to 24 CPU cores on this plan and of course, it runs on the Virtuozzo platform. Included in this plan is the Free Plesk or cPanel control option and the cost that this plan has is € 39.95 per month.

You will get several features if you decide to use services of EuroVPS Company to provide you with the virtual servers. The company will provision the server that they give you with 99.97% Uptime Guarantee that is backed by one of the leading industry SLA. Included in all the plans is the policy of money-back guarantee of up to 7 days for all the Linux and windows operating systems plans.

The company’s multi network offers you 37Gbps network capacity using 14 different network carries. There is the fully manned and around the clock support staffs that you can rely on to answer all the questions that you may have. The company boasts of having an average response time of less than 5 minutes.

The company also uses the latest parallel releases of the Virtuozzo platform to ensure that you have a smooth-running delay free server that you can use. The company also uses the servers of HP Proliant Quad Core, which are fitted with the processors of up to date E5600 series Westmere, that have minimum 48GB RAM per unit.

You will find that the services of the company will make it easier to write and update the website or the blog, and will uncomplicated the entire web hosting business.


EuroVPS VPS Hosting


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