You have the option of using virtual private servers when the traditional hosting servers’ services become a bit expensive. If you want some privacy, and reliable servers that you do not have to compete with other users of the shared hosting server, then it might be time to get a virtual private server. With the services, which are on offer from the JoinVPS Company, you will be able to afford virtual servers that are the best solutions to your needs.

The company has easy to use Linux and FreeBSD virtual servers that offer some of the most advanced hosting managements that are in the market. The good thing about the virtual servers is the fact that they are easy to configure for all the needs that you may have. They are easy to use, and less technological knowledge is needed by you to be able to operate them.

The company JoinVPS has several options that you can use to make sure that you have the best hosting servers. The VPS-1 has 64 MB RAM memory and a burst memory of 192 MB. With this option, you will get 5 GB HDD and a bandwidth of 100GB. The amount of cash that you will have to part with is $4.95. The other option that you can use is the XEN-1 package that will come with 256 MB of RAM and a disk space of 10 GB with a bandwidth of 400 GB. The total cost that will be incurred is $19.95. The last option is the unlimited package that comes with 256 MB RAM and a disk space of 5 GB with a bandwidth of 150 GB. This option has a start CPU of 800 MHz, and the cost of this option is $25 per month. Also, for any VPS plan you will get 25% discount for the first month.

The other added services that you will get with the standard packages that the JoinVPS company provides include MySQL PostgreSQL interbase and the DNS server. You will be able to enjoy SSH servers and even FTP-server when you engage the services of the company.

The installation of the servers is done in a matter of minutes, and you will be able to enjoy the hosting services of the server and increase the efficiency of your website. You may discover that the blog or the website that you have is becoming larger than the capacity that the shared hosting can take. It could be time to look for a better option like the virtual servers. This company will provide you with a server in an isolated state, and that will not be affected by other servers, and the problems that they may have. Given that, you are in command of the virtual private server that you will get. The company will write secure software that you can use on the virtual server for reliable and secure hosting services.

JoinVPS is no less than committed to ensuring that you have an operational server that will assist you in increasing the services on your website. The company is presenting you with the opportunity to have a skilled and low-priced server that will guarantee your website growth.


JoinVPS VPS Hosting


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