Linode is a software-development company which was launched in June 2003 by Christopher.S.Aker. It was formed in a period of six months, and it deals with virtual private servers Linode virtual private servers have root access capability, which enables the clients to host multiple web sites and access various software applications as per their requirements. Root access which is provided through these virtual private servers also enables one to transfer website links and also move mailboxes. The root access makes it easy to gain access to security information on the server and also files stored in the server. Availability of a full SSH ensures a high level of security when using virtual private servers under linode.

Linode virtual private servers come with Xen capability that makes it possible to load one’s kernels and also modules to the server. Using the Xen virtual private server technology one cane also swap space if the ram is in full usage, have control of iptable modules access and also remote console. A helpful feature of Xen VPS is that one can use unique hypercall ABI in running a modified operating system and avoid using architectural attributes. Through the usage of Xen, VPS servers running under linode are allocated the needed resources in terms of CPU speed, ram capacity and hard disk storage; additional requests for resources are allocated through the Xen technology as per requirements.

Linode virtual private servers hosting offers a dedicated IP address to ensure maximum uptime and also to offer quick trace over the network in case of any problem. Bandwidth pooling is used in the virtual private servers and this enables optimization in usage of software resources. Through the usage of the linode control panel, one can resize disk images, boot between configuration profiles, adjust extra resources to and from the linode, clone a linode to another linode, one can boot using an initrid and also custom reverse DNS. One can add unlimited disk images and also add sharing disk images and custom partition schemes across multiple configuration profiles. The DNS manager provided with the virtual private server allows one to manage domains.

If networking becomes disabled the function allows one to access the server console. The linode virtual private server allows the user to configure allowed ips on each node. Customer support at linode for the VPS system is very dedicated, and they are able to respond to support tickets within minutes. In case of a system failure, there is the finnix recovery distro which occupies minimal disk space.

Linode is offered in various packages. Linode 512, which has ram of 512 MB, storage of 20GB, transfer of 200GB and costs 19.95  dollars, Linode 768 offers 768 MB of ram, 30GB storage space, transfer of 3000GB and goes for 29.95 dollars. The linode1024 has 1024 MB of ram, storage space of 40GB, transfer of 400GB and costs 39.95 dollars. The linode 1536 has a ram of 1536 MB, storage of 60 GB, transfer of 600GB and costs 59.95 dollars. The Linux 2048 has 2048 MB of ram, 80 GB of hard disk storage, transfer of 800GB and costs 79.95 dollars. The linode 4096 is the best package on offer, and it has 4096 MB of ram, 160GB of hard disk storage, transfer of 1600GB and costs 159.95 dollars. Linode is a virtual private server that can be relied upon.


Linode VPS Hosting


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