Using a virtual private server is like using a separate computer to run the server software that will help run the website. This means that the configuration of the virtual private server is possible since you will have administrative and root power over the virtual server. The obvious advantage of using the virtual private server is that they will help you in the reduction of the hardware expenses that you may be incurring. This means that the expenses of having to buy bulky and sometimes pricey servers will be eliminated.

The use of the virtual machines allows you to reduce the power expenses that you would incur if you used the normal physical servers. Each server that you will use is capable of being independently booted and can run different operating systems. The servers can run windows or the Linux operating system.

The Pandela VPS service provider is well experiencing in delivering quality-hosting servers that will not crash every other day. These virtual machines will help you in the running and the management of the websites that you have on the internet. The Pandela services offer the best option for anyone who wants quality services at very competitive rates.

The company can provide you with a 32 to 64 bit enterprise Linux platform that will have administrator access as well as have root access. There is the static IP address that you will have access to and the company that is providing these services do not charge you any setup fees. The choice is up to you to determine which kind of operating system you would like to use with the Virtual private Server.

The Pandela virtual machines work with the Linux operating systems. There are several plans that you can decide to use when it comes to the question of the best virtual machine in the market. There is the L-5 plan that comes with 256 MB memory and a bandwidth of 200 GB. This plan has SSH access, and you will get 5 GB storage space. There is dsn hosting, and 1 unique IP address included in this package. You will also have the option of 32 or 64 bit, and the whole package is priced at $17. There is the L-10 option with increased RAM of 348 MB and increased bandwidth of 500 GB. The disk space that you will get from this deal is 10 GB, and the cost of the package is $24.

There are zero setup fees charged on the various packages and the packages all have services like 100% uptime guarantee, free snapshots backup and even 24 hours technical support if you should have some difficulty with the VPS hosting servers. The company also offers redundant high availability of power and a high-density data center that you are welcomed to use if you decide to engage their services. The company guarantees that they have enough RAM, and that it is not oversold or stretched too thin to affect the server that you have. They have 8 core servers that run virtuozzo and the hyper version that you need in running the virtual servers.


Pandela VPS Hosting


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