The UltraHosting company is a leader when it comes to the provision of services like VPS hosting, the company is reliable and has years of experience under its belt. This will put you at ease since you will know that the services you will get from the company will be the best and the most secure services that are in the market. The company has Raid-10 Enterprise Class Disk Subsystems that you can use with IP addresses that are unique and root access administrative capability of the servers. You can choose the type of linux distro that you want and the customer care that you will get is very good. The RAM which you will get is guaranteed not to be over booked or sold out, and the data center that the company has is guaranteed to make the servers whom you get are running smoothly without interference.

With over 25 years in the market the UltraHosting is one of the most competitively priced virtual server company in the market. The company offers business server collocation as well as hosting services that you can make good use off. The company has windows VPS plans, linux VPS plans and windows xen plans to ensure that you find what exactly you are looking for when you are in need of hosting services.

The three plans have a wide range of properties that make them unique to you the user of the virtual servers. The fist plan that the company offers is the Linux VPS plan L 5, which comes with 256 MB RAM and storage of 5 GB and is priced at $17.95 per month. The next plan is the L 10, which has 384 MB and 10 GB storage at a price of $24.95. The other plan that is available is the L 20 with 512 MB RAM and storage space of 20 GB priced at $34.95.

There is another plan that you can choose from if you are operating the windows operating system. This plan has three options that are the W 5 with RAM of 256 MB and storage of 5 GB with a price tag of $24.95. The second option is the W 10 with RAM of 384 MB and 10 GB storage at a price of $34.95. The final option is the W 20 that has RAM of 512 MB and storage space of 20 GB all at the price of $44.95 per month.

There is also the windows Xen plan that has three options namely the X-5 that has 512 MB RAM and storage of 5 GB priced at $29.95 per month. The second option is the X-10 with 768 MB and storage of 10 GB that goes for $39.95 per month. The third option is the X-20 with RAM of 1024 MB and $20 GB storage space valued at $49.95 per month. All these, are packages that you can make use off to be able to have a functional virtual server for your websites.

With the lowest prices in the market, you are sure of getting good services if you use the company’s virtual servers.


UltraHosting VPS Hosting


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